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Attention Please
Bill payment for 1st semester of academic year 2018  
For bachelor's degree students in International Programs (IUP, Tropical Agriculture, EEBA , KITMAN and BEcon English Program) please print bill payment for first semester of academic year 2018 from 16 July 2018 - 9 August 2018

click Login -> click menu Report ->click Invoice [KU9] ->click show Invoice Form

  • Guideline: How to print invoice (Invoice [KU9])

  • Termination of Students  
    Students that were terminated, can't use any information system. If student wants to return the status of student, then the process must be as follows:
    1. Contacting the department for requesting the status of student
      Education level Campus Institute
      Undergraduate Students Bangkhen Office of the Registrar
      Kamphaeng Saen the Educational Administration and Student Affairs Division (KPS)
      Graduate Students Bangkhen - Kamphaeng Saen the Graduate School

    2. Students were terminated less than 6 months.
      When student was changed the status to student already, student will be able to use the information system.
    3. Students were terminated more than 6 months.
      When student was changed the status to student already, student won't be able to use the information system until the process of 'Activate' Account finish every steps.

      Activate Account
    1. go to
    2. selecting Personnal 's confirmation Menu

      Preparation for Activating process
    1. ID card
    2. Surname (English) that is the same word spelling in database that has been completed.
    3. Student code no need 'b' or 'g' in front of student code
    4. Choosing correct Type such as a current student is Student, the student that graduated is Alumni. then, 'Activate' for using gmail by mean of changing the password, Input mail for recover and make the question for security questions.

    Office of the Registrar Announcement refund the tuition fees.  
    Office of the Registrar Announcement refund the tuition fees.
    Semester Within days
    Summer Session 2016 and First Semester 6th Oct. 2016
    Second Semester16th Mar. 2017

    Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2017-2018
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